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All Africa Games Maputo 


All Africa Games 2011

Date of Starting

3rd September, 2011
Date of completion 18th September, 2011
No.of participants Total 7,000 (5,000 Athletes, Coaches and Officials, 2,000 Journalists)
No. of Tourists 30,000(Estimation)
Opening Ceremony Zimpeto National Stadium
Closing Ceremony National Stadium Zimpeto
Local Production Zimpeto, Maputo, Matola, and Bilene Chidenguele
No. of Participating Nations 48

All African Games 2011 Events and Locations

Handball Eduardo Mondlane University
Athletics National Stadium Zimpeto
Badminton Josina Machel School
Basketball Pavilion Zimpeto
Boxing Red Star Pavilion
Canoeing Chidenguele
Cycling Thoroughfare
Sport w / Disabled  
Football Zimpeto National Stadium,
Field of the Costa del Sol,
Maxaquene Field
and Stadium Machava
Weightlifting Cultural Center of Matola
Judo Frelimo's Central School
Karate Eduardo Mondlane University
Swimming Olympic Swimming Zimpeto
Netball IMAP
Oar Chidenguele
Taekwondo Frelimo's Central School
Tennis Courts of Zimpeto
Table Tennis Mohammedan Center
Shot Shooting range Matola
Trialto Bilene
Candle Maputo Bay
Volleyball Pavilion Maxaquene
Chess Bank of Mozambique Matola

All Africa Games History

1965   Brazzaville  Republic of Congo 18 - July 25  Egypt
1969   Bamako Mali - -
1973 Lagos Nigeria 07 - January 18  Egypt
1978   Algiers Algeria 13 - July 28 Tunisia
1987   Nairobi Kenya 01 - August 12 Egypt
1991   Cairo Egypt September 20 - October 1   Egypt
1995   Harare Zimbabwe 13 - September 19   South Africa
1999   Johannesburg South Africa   10 - September 19  South Africa
2003   Abuja Nigeria 05 - October 17   Nigeria
2007   Algiers Algeria 11 - July 23   Egypt
2011 Maputo Mozambique 03 - 18 September  

All Africa Games 2011 Sport Events

 Athletics  Cycling  Netball  Taekwondo
 Badminton  Football  Rowing  Tennis
 Basketball  Gymnastics  Sailing  Triathlon
 Boxing  Handball  Shooting  Volleyball
 Canoeing  Judo  Swimming  Weightlifting
 Chess  Karate  Table Tennis  

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